Christmas Around The World

Ten lovely Christmas stories to prepare for the cosiest time of the year. Each of these classic stories will shorten the wait for the big evening – snuggle up and enjoy!

Stories in this world

The Little Fir Tree

In the heart of the forest, there stood a young fir tree. He wanted to grow tall so bad, he almost forgot to enjoy his wonderful life.

The Nutcracker

Clara receives a special gift – a nutcracker in a shiny red jacket. After everyone goes to bed, the nutcracker awakes.

Two Turtle Doves

Fleet Wing is a dove that wants to see the world, no matter the cost. Will she listen to her brother or risk a dangerous journey?

The Queen of Winter

Scotland was ruled by the queen of winter. One year she tries to make winter last forever, and there’s only one last chance left for spring.

The Bear and the Trolls

A brave hunter, a fearless bear, and a poor family whose home is invaded by trolls every year meet one day.

Golden Stars

A poor girl loses her parents & searches for someone to look after her. On the way she gives away everything she has to help others.

The Greedy Fox

A hungry fox finds tasty food hidden by a woodcutter and is too greedy to share the meal. He’s about to learn a lesson.

The Red Mitten

Oliver loses his new red mitten while playing in the snow – and just like that, the mitten became a shelter for the forest animals.

The Snow Queen

Gerda, a brave young girl, spares neither trouble nor expense to save her dear friend from the Snow Queen.

St Nicholas’s Surprise

Long ago, a man named Nicholas inherited a great deal of money – and he decides to help the poor with his fortune!

Author Notes

Storytime Magazine

Christmas is a magical time each year, joyful anticipation, finding quietness in hectic times, and most importantly – quality family time!

We have collected charming Christmas stories from all over the world so you and your kids can join the festive sentiments and get in the mood for a cosy time.

Each story incorporates important morals within fun, festive stories about sharing, taking care of each other or looking after the weak.

Enjoy these stories and spend a wonderful Christmas time with those dear to your heart!

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