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What is it about?

Dive into entertaining lessons with fun exercises and learn important storytelling techniques.

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Listen alone or let your family join the fun - create exciting stories together and master the art of storytelling.



Introducing the Bedtime Stories Storytelling School! Learn why storytelling is as important as reading and what we will cover in our courses.

What makes a great story great?

Course #1

Story basicsFree

We're talking about stories quite a lot - but what actually is a story and how is it built? In this course you will learn the most important building blocks of a story, we'll talk about characters, Storypoints and much more. So take a seat and let's begin.

Topics covered:

  • What is a story?

  • On characters?

  • Storypoints — A safety net for storytellers

  • What to do when you're stuck

  • Finding the right stories

What makes a great story great?

Course #2

How to tell a storyFree

Storytelling is not only WHAT you tell, but also HOW you tell it. In this course we'll explore different techniques to tell engaging stories.

You'll learn about:

  • Creating a ritual

  • Set the scene

  • Pacing & flow

  • Engage your listener

  • Leaving the comfort zone

Learn how to tell exciting stories.

Course #3

Creating stories on your ownFree

You know what a story is made of and how to tell it - now it's time to craft your very own stories! Join us in this advanced course and dive into Storyworld building, story structure and advanced storytelling techniques.

Lessons included:

  • The world & the characters

  • Story structure

  • Serialized or stand-alone stories

  • Themes and motives

  • Advanced storytelling techniques

Join the fun and create your very own stories!

Course #4

Advanced storytelling & publishingFree

In this last course we will take your storytelling to the next level - you will learn to create sequels, we’ll talk about how to keep your Storyworld alive and what’s important when you actually write down and publish your stories.

Lessons included:

  • Creating sequels

  • Keeping your story alive

  • Writing your story down

  • Publishing your story

  • Promote your book yourself

How many stories have you created so far?

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