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Are you an author who wants to contribute?

We are always looking for great stories to expand the Bedtime Story collection. If you are an author, publisher or hold the license to any other IP, we would love to talk to you.

The Bedtime Story Format

We created a slightly different story format for our Bedtime Stories to provide the best experience for parents and make it as easy as possible to tell the stories in your own words.

There are two core concepts that are important: Story Worlds & Story Views. A Story World simply is a collection of stories that share the same setting, characters and basic themes. For example a little knight that heads out into different adventures – each story will be different, but the little knight, his friends and the overall setting is familiar.

Each Story World contains bundles of five stories – so within Bedtime Stories there are no single stories, they always come in bundles of five.

Each story is available in two distinct story views:

  1. The full story as every author is familiar with – basically a short story of about 3-4 pages.
  2. The outline view contains a short summary and the 4-6 most important plot points (we call them storypoints). If you remember theses storypoints you can fill in the rest in your own words and tell an engaging story that really works plot-wise.
We’ve prepared some story templates for authors and a sample stories – just drop us a line and we’ll send you further details.

Author Royalties

Stories are the core of this app and we are working very closely with our authors. Not only do we want the authors to be visible within the app & help them share their vision with the parents, we also strive to provide fair compensation for the work.

The royalty system is based on a net revenue share for sold story bundles – we’ve prepared detailed overviews and projections so you can see the specifics of the royalty model – just drop us a line and we’ll send you the details.

Get In Touch

We strive to provide highly engaging, emotional and diverse Bedtime Stories and collaborate with a wide spectrum of authors and publishers around the world to achieve that goal. If you are are an author and are interested in publishing your own Bedtime Stories, or if you are a publisher or author with an existing IP – please get in touch with us.

Leave us a note with a short description and writing sample of yourself, or a brief summary of the IP you want to publish as Bedtime Stories.

We will get in touch and send you all the publishing and licensing specifics.

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