The Moonlight Farmers

Can you imagine what it would feel like if the sun made you sick and you couldn't go out to play? This is why Edna and Jim have to work on their farm at night when the moon shines high in the sky. Everything changes when new neighbors move in. Their children can’t go out in the sun, either. Together, they let their nights become their days.

Stories in this world

The Moonlight Farmers

Edna and Jim love being out in the moonlight. They care for each other very much and know that being in the sunshine will make them both very sick indeed.

The Abandoned Lighthouse

Edna and Jim take their young neighbors to an abandoned lighthouse by the bay.

The Treasure Hunt

Jim and Mikey go to the bay by the old lighthouse and start a treasure hunt.

Too Sick to Play... But Not for Theatre!

Abby has chicken pox and is too sick to play with Mikey, so he has an idea to cheer her up.

Harvest Time and The Midnight Market

Edna & Jim work hard all year to get their crops ready for market. This was the only time they got to meet other villagers from different places.

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