The Holiday Girls

Chrissy Miss and her three best friends - Holly Ween, Valley Valentine and Chloe Verr - discover the power of friendship through everyday adventures. They may not start out fun, but they always lead to a reason to celebrate.

Stories in this world

Chrissy Miss and the Hot Cocoa Tea Party

After finding new friends at the perfect sledding hill, Chrissy Miss invites them over for a tea party.

Valley Valentine and the New Outfit

Valley learns to have confidence in herself with her new outfit.

Chloe Verr and the Magic Wish Ball

Chloe finds a magic wish ball and uses it to cheer up Chrissy.

Holly Ween and the Cobra Ghost

Holly and Chloe search The Haunted Mansion for a ghost.

The April Fool at the New Pool

A strange boy shows up in town and pranks The Holiday Girls.

Author Notes

Danielle & Mae

Best friends. BFFs. Our tribe. Our squad. Our team. That’s what The Holiday Girls are all about, the universal need of belonging. That’s what can be found in the stories and adventures of The Holiday Girls.

We all need people in our lives to know and love us, to remember our favorite things, to help us to see the positives when all we feel is negative, to fight for us when we’re scared and down, and to be generous and share, especially when we’re in need.

These are the virtues of The Holiday Girls. They’re not perfect, but when they stick together and think of others before themselves, they make the world a better place. They make life not only worth living for, but worth celebrating, too.