That Pesky Pixie

Deep in the heart of Sorrel Wood hides a school for faerie folk. The fearsome Miss Nightshade is the best teacher around, but has she met her match with the pesky pixie antics of Violet Puddledust

Stories in this world

An Itchy Situation

Sometimes it takes a troublemaker to catch a troublemaker!

A Stinky Start!

Violet longs for a special friend to get up to mischief with and finds one in an unusual place.

A Dastardly Plan

Violet Puddledust and Bramble the hedge ogre make themselves invisible, but it doesn’t quite go to plan.

A Feast for a Fairy Queen

Hedge ogres just aren't made for flying! Violet tries to help Bramble fly but her pixie potions don't always work as expected.

Three Pesky Pixies and a Monstrous Mouse

Violet is given some unexpected responsibility, but with it comes her biggest challenge as the school acquires more pesky pixies.

Author Notes

This story came about by observing the antics of my own three daughters. Their curious minds and adventurous spirits often get them into mischief. It’s not that they’re naughty, they just get easily distracted from what they should be doing and drift into daydreams instead of listening to instructions.

Like Miss Nightshade, I despair of their behavior and the mayhem that follows, but I’m secretly proud of their creativity and imagination. If truth be told, I was that pesky pixie in my youth.

Children have such short attention spans. As a parent, it’s tricky to find that balance between keeping them focused on tasks and letting them learn through play.

I hope that, through these stories, children will learn that sometimes there are consequences when they don’t listen to a grown-up, but also to have a giggle, as well.