Terry the Trouble Bunny

Terry is a lovely and endearing six-year-old rabbit. Like most bunnies her age, she has a great imagination. This leads her to dream up all sorts of adventures but will it help her to get out of the big, unintended problems that seem to follow her around?

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Terry’s Plan

Because it’s so lovely outside, Terry decides that she doesn’t want to go to school today. Will her plan to stay at home work?

Terry’s Bangs

One day, Terry, who isn’t allowed to go out to play, decides to cut her bangs with surprising results.

Terry’s Big Surprise

It’s her mom’s birthday. Since Terry doesn’t have a gift for her, she decides to prepare her mom’s favorite dessert: custard!

Terry’s Bicycle

Terry gets a bicycle for her birthday and her dad shows her how to use it. Will she, as usual, take things into her own hands?

Terry’s Vacation

Terry is going to the beach on vacation with her mom and dad but has to pack her own suitcase.

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