Tate’s Time Traveling Top

Everyday life is hard for Tate, especially making friends. He likes to play with spinning tops all the time, which is uncommon for a third grader. A new classmate of his, Logan, can tell that Tate is different, that there’s something very special about him.

Together, they discover the unimaginable: Tate’s top can transport them to different dimensions, where they meet unexpected friends and experience fun adventures together.

Stories in this world

Tate & Logan Sail the Sea

Tate has difficulty making friends because his autism makes him different. But an unexpected adventure with a new classmate could be the start of something great.

One DINOmite Experi-REX!

Tate's top transports him and Logan to the Mesozoic Era when dinosaurs ruled the Earth! They are excited, but also scared. Hopefully, they can have a little fun and not become the lunchtime special!

Tate & Logan Flash Forward

The boys spin the top in a creative way at recess. But, instead of time traveling backward, they find themselves in a future world!

An Egyptian Excursion

The top takes Tate and Logan to ancient Egypt where they encounter exciting yet unfamiliar features of the Egyptian life, including hieroglyphics, pharaohs and pyramids.

A Yesterday Adventure

Tate and Logan have forged a great friendship, but when Logan asks Tate to meet his other friends, Tate's insecurities creep up again.

Author Notes

Samantha Silvey

This story provides an insightful journey of a special needs child who is learning how his differences make him unique and empowered, instead of odd and inferior.

For children who feel different from their peers, whether they have special needs or not, it is an important encouragement to echo daily that you are okay, just the way you are. This storyworld emphasizes, in a fun and imaginative way, the importance of loving yourself and knowing that you are worthy of friendship.

Also demonstrated through Logan’s perspective, another strong theme is that you can be a friend to anyone, including those who are different from you. If you can keep an open mind, then you can open up the possibilities of special friendships that you never knew you could have, friendships that could enrich your life in many ways, which could lead to special adventures of your own.