Samba & the Missing Letters

Samba and Zohra take off around the world to help lonely children. During their many journeys, Samba finds new friends and realizes that his dyslexia isn’t going to stop him from becoming whoever he wants to be.

Stories in this world

The Wooden Box

Samba is trying to complete his homework when the wooden box in his room reveals a secret. An exciting journey is about to start!

Toy Soldiers

Samba and Zohra take off to a snowy Moscow where a boy, Lev, is having trouble at home.

Ninja Princess

Samba escapes from an ambush by Ghost Dog and ends up on a ninja adventure with a girl called Min Jee underground in Korea.

A Mermaid Mess

Samba is having a difficult day in school when he is transported to Paris. A bunch of sweet-toothed thieves are sabotaging a girl’s cake contest!

Rainbow Ocean

The missing letters are turning Samba’s room upside down. He travels to Hawaii and meets a boy, Taylor, who is hospitalized.

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