Nikki & the Long Lost Treasure

Nikki is strong and brave; Boltran, sensible and cautious - together they search for the long-lost treasure that could unite the old kingdom with the wild creatures of the world. Great courage and friendship will overcome every obstacle in their way.

Stories in this world

Nikki and The Treasure

Nikki finds a treasure map. She brings her friend Boltran along to find the treasure.

Nikki and The Cave

Nikki and Boltran search for the next jewel. They follow the treasure map to a dark cave.

Nikki and The Dolphins

Dolphins help Nikki and Boltran out to sea to find the third treasure. But a sea beast shows up and Nikki gets in serious trouble.

Nikki and The Lost Bridge

Nikki and Boltran get the map back and set off to find the fourth treasure. But some villagers want to stop them.

Nikki and The Old Legend

Nikki and Boltran search the woods for the last of Gochester’s treasures. They meet the bear beast - who ends up surprising everyone.

Author Notes

Sofia Jarlo

This is a story about daring to go forth despite difficulties; an adventure that I never got to read myself. During the years that I worked as a primary school teacher, I noticed that I rarely read stories with main characters that could represent all children. So I decided to create one myself - a brave girl in a wheelchair that doesn’t let anything stop her. Instead, her personality and skills become an asset to her whole community.

The village Gochester is inspired by Mostar in Bosnia-Herzegovina - a cultural melting pot of diversity with opposites living side-by-side. In addition, the story world is created with gamification in mind and thoroughly researched to add deeper meaning to the actions and emotions in the story. There are many cultural and geographical references woven into the story which create a tale that is unlike anything you’ve ever read before.