Kris Snowman – Rockstar On Tour

Kris Snowman is a famous rock’n’roll singer from the South Pole, who travels all over the world playing his music. Accompanied by his personal assistant, Elka, Kris is living the dream of a Rockstar.

Kris thinks he is too cool and refuses to listen to anyone’s advice - can Kris learn to be a better snowman, or will he remain cold and uncaring?

Stories in this world

Kris Snowman Goes to Hawaii

Kris has been invited to Hawaii to perform at Princess Kalani’s birthday. Will he be able to remain cool, or will the climate thaw him out?

Kris Snowman Goes to Mexico

Kris Snowman has been invited to Mexico to play a concert to celebrate Day of the Dead, where he learns all about Mexico and their unique celebration.

Kris Snowman Goes to Africa

Kris Snowman is going on tour again. This time, he is going to Kenya, where he learns about conservation and following advice.

Kris Snowman Goes to Australia

Kris Snowman is off to visit Australia, a place known for having some of the deadliest animals on the planet!

Kris Snowman Goes to the North Pole

Kris Snowman receives a special invitation to visit Santa Claus at the North Pole. Can Kris resist overindulging and keep his cool?

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