Kid Joey: Fairytale Detective

Joey moves to a new school, which he quickly realizes is full of fairytale characters. Curiously, they don’t know they are fairy tale characters!

His love of books and quick-thinking abilities help him prevent mishaps and misfortunes, with many funny situations in between. Although it takes ongoing convincing, Joey is able to rescue his new fairytale friends from their storybook fates, in unexpected (and often laugh-out-loud) ways.

Stories in this world

Joey Uncovers the Legends of Legends Elementary

Joey moves to a new school. He recognizes the other kids from his fairytale books, even though they’ve never heard of the stories themselves!

Can Joey Save Humpty Dumpty From The Wall?

Joey is warming up to his new school but he needs to stay on guard to help the others. Can he prevent Humpty from having a great fall?

Can Joey Save Little Red Riding Hood?

Joey tries to convince Little Red to NOT go over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house, even though she is an expert Geocacher and Girl Scout.

Can Joey Save the Three Little Pigs?

Joey and the Three Little Pigs are assigned as lab partners for the science fair. If they don’t win the competition, the Three Little Pigs will fail science and get kicked out of school. Can Joey save the day?

Can Joey Save Hansel and Gretel?

Thanks to his love of books and quick thinking, Joey and his friends rescue Hansel and Gretel from a candy house in the woods, with a twist.

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