Karlotta the Knight

Ten-year-old Karlotta, Lottie for short, is the bravest knight of Andorrag. Her brothers won’t let her have a sword – but Lottie has read all the storybooks in the library so she knows about dragons and stuff.

Stories in this world

What a Knight needs

Lottie desperately wants to be a knight. Secretly she sets out to find the things a knight needs: a steed, a squire, and a sword.

Finally, A Sword! (Kind of …)

Lottie has found her squire and her steed – now all she needs is a sword. Maybe there is one in the buried treasure in the forest?

Cake for the Kingdom

The kingdom runs out of sugar and spice when a dragon holds up all deliveries. To save her father's birthday party, Lottie must set forth to find the dragon and retrieve vanilla, cinnamon and powder sugar.

The Dancing Knight

It's time for Karlotta the Knight to get a suit of armor – every knight has one, right? Not so easy if your mother loves to see you in fluffy petticoats and sparkly coronets...

The Unic-horn

Isadora's lost horn has been found and will be auctioned off. Lottie and Matty have to get the horn before someone buys it.

Author Notes

Dido Winter

This is what I dreamt of when I was Lottie’s age – to outwit the adults and to do things my way (I was sure they'd work out just fine!).

In Lottie’s world there are dangers (dragons!) and problems (dancing lessons) but together with her new friends Isadora and Mattie, there is always a solution in sight.

We all need our own secret world nobody but our closest friends know about. When she's a knight, Lottie can slip out of her role as youngest child and royal daughter and be who she really wants to be: an adventurer, a champion of the weak, a noble knight.