When Maddi heads into the Forbidden Forest in search of her very first troll, she learns that some trolls are kind, some trolls are wise, some trolls have a sweet tooth, and little girls are as sweet as can be.

Stories in this world

A Mushbump Named Maddi

Ten-year-old Maddi convinces her papa to let her enter the Forbidden Forest, but on one condition: she must stick to the path!

The Forbidden Forest

A speaking stream lulls Maddi off the path in the Forbidden Forest, where she stumbles onto the head of a slumbering troll.


Maddi learns to understand troll-speak and becomes friends with her troll, but there are more trolls afoot with other plans.


Another troll spies Maddi and returns with others for a mini mushbump meal. Her friend protects her and is accused of stealing.

The Quake

At the quake, they are surprised that the troll leader only wants to speak to Maddi. She must sacrifice something she holds dear.

Author Notes

Matthew Olson-Roy

Everybody, where Maddi lives, believes that trolls are scary, but nobody has ever met one. Now that she is ten, Maddi decides that she’s old enough to find out for herself. She soon meets her first troll and learns that some trolls make great friends, but not everyone thinks their friendship is a good idea.

Maddi will have to be brave and stand up for what’s right. In the process, she learns to think from other people’s perspectives, form a convincing argument, and overcome the obstacles that stand in her way.

I first wrote “Humonstromous” for my kids when we moved to a place where people from all over the world live side-by-side in a small area. I wanted them to understand the great friendships that they could form with children from other cultures if only they took that first, brave step to meet someone new.