Cornelius Comet’s Astroadventures

Cornelius and Anna, two unlikely astronauts, go on the journey of a lifetime. After launching into space on their homemade rocket, they complete lots of exciting missions around the solar system.

Stories in this world

The First Boy on the Moon

Cornelius and Anna launch into space, and Mission Control send them on an important mission to the moon!

Meteorite Mayhem & a Mars Mission

With their shuttle broken, Cornelius and Anna must find a new way home. Luckily, Beepz has a secret mission that saves the day!

Dive to the Depths of the Icy Sea

After Beepz breaks through the thick ice-sheet of Jupiter’s moon, Europa, Cornelius and Anna dive their submarine to the depths of the ocean below!

The Clouds of Titan

During a tour of Saturn’s incredible ring system, Beepz gets a hardware upgrade; just in time for the astronaut’s next mission.

Cornelius Comet’s Comet

After facing his fear of heights and overcoming the biggest challenge of his life, Cornelius prepares the spaceship for a long, return journey to Earth.

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