Carter & the Cedar Forest Critters

Summer in Cedar Forest brings adventure for Carter. A magical walking stick gives him the ability to talk to the animals. He uses his knowledge of nature to lend a helping hand, to solve a few problems and make new friends.

Stories in this world

Welcome to Cedar Forest

Carter spends his summer at Cedar Forest and discovers he can talk to the critters by using his grandpa’s magical walking stick.

What’s That Noise?

Carter helps track down the mysterious noise that’s keeping the critters in Cedar Forest awake all night.

Mysterious Mess

Cedar Forest is littered with garbage. The critters need Carter’s help to tidy the forest and find out who’s making all the mess.

A Stinky Situation

A new visitor brings a strange smell to Cedar Forest. Carter and the critters help her overcome a fear and make new friends.

Mystery of the Missing Sock

Socks have gone missing from the clothesline. With the critters, Carter finds the socks and a new friend for Cedar Forest.

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