Brenda and her Big Dog Duke

When Brenda’s family moves to a lonely farmhouse, Brenda longs for a dog. But when her little puppy, Duke, grows into a big, uncontrollable dog, Brenda has some tough decisions to make. Will she follow her heart?

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Brenda’s Birthday Surprise

When Brenda's family moves to the country, Brenda longs to have a puppy. Which one at the animal shelter should she choose?

Brenda the Brave

When uncontrollable Duke chases a deer, Brenda has a hard time keeping up. Then, he disappears into the dark woods.

Brenda’s Blue Ribbon

When Brenda and Duke compete in a dog show, Duke performs all of the commands perfectly. Will the judge award him a blue ribbon?

Brenda’s BIG Day

Everyone at Brenda’s school is afraid of Duke when she brings him in for Show-and-Tell, but something makes them change their minds.

Brenda and Duke Forever

Duke is jealous when Brenda finds a little, lost kitten and brings it into the house, but something happens to change Duke’s mind.

Author Notes

Amy Houts

Brenda and her Big Dog Duke is a story about friendship, loyalty, and the bond between a pet and its owner. At the heart of this story is what it means to be part of a family. Brenda can’t imagine her family without her big dog, Duke. But, with Duke getting into a world of trouble, Brenda must gather her strength and courage to face the challenges that only an out-of-control dog can bring.

I was born in a crowded New York suburb and now live in the country, just like Brenda. I have learned to love the wide open spaces and now call myself a country girl. I have also owned a number of dogs and each one has been a special part of our family. Like Brenda, I can’t imagine our life without our dog, Gina, our Australian shepherd mix, who is the inspiration for these stories.