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Storyworlds for 6-9 year olds

Choose from dozens of readymade storyworlds covering numerous categories like fantasy

Rowena the Witch Doctor
6-9 years

What can Rowena do when she’s the clumsiest graduate of witch school? Stumble into a magical new job, of course!

Astrid and the Mine Ship
6-9 years

Astrid moves to Kiruna and finds a true friend in a family of mine dwellers known as gray-tobblers. Together, they encounter a huge mine ship.

Tate’s Time Traveling Top
6-9 years

Tate, a young boy on the autism spectrum, loves watching tops spin. One day, he realizes that watching them takes him into a different world.

Nikki & the Long Lost Treasure
6-9 years

Nikki and Boltran search for the long-lost treasures of the old kingdom and neither giants nor sea beasts can stop them.

The Holiday Girls
6-9 years

Chrissy Miss and her best friends live in Celebration City where, through everyday adventures, they always find a reason to celebrate.

Karlotta the Knight
6-9 years

Lottie is the bravest knight in the kingdom – but no one must ever know. Girls are princesses and wear pink dresses, right?

Billy Growing Up
6-9 years

Billy Field is an active boy who, together with his best friends, learns to turn negative behaviors into positive outcomes.