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Storyworlds for 4-6 year olds

Choose from dozens of readymade storyworlds covering numerous categories like fantasy

Bouncy Bo
4-6 years

Little Bo dreams of becoming a super strong gymnast, but the road there is long and windy and has many ups and downs. But that's its beauty.

Kid Joey: Fairytale Detective
4-6 years

Thanks to his love of books and quick-thinking abilities, Joey gets to rescue all kinds of fairytale characters at his new school.

Kris Snowman – Rockstar On Tour
4-6 years

Kris Snowman tours all over the world, discovering different countries. He has a huge ego, but learns the power of friendship!

Thomas and the New World
4-6 years

Thomas’s family moves to a quiet village, but his life there is far from quiet. Instead, he encounters many things that he has never experienced before.

That Pesky Pixie
4-6 years

Violet Puddledust doesn’t mean to be mischievous, but when the pesky pixie doesn’t listen, trouble soon follows.

Bushveld Trio’s Wild Adventures
4-6 years

Join Shaka the honey badger, Zolo the hoopoe, and Lwazi the pangolin, as they go on adventures through the African bush helping others.

Carter & the Cedar Forest Critters
4-6 years

With the help of a magical walking stick, Carter develops a friendship with the feathered and furry critters of Cedar Forest.

Moxie the Robot Girl
4-6 years

Moxie the Robot never met a challenge she couldn’t overcome; that is until she finds herself the only robot in a new town.

My Sister the Werewolf
4-6 years

Five-year-old Ferdinand gets to know and learns to love his baby sister Luna, despite the fact that she’s a werewolf.

The Secret Treasure Chest
4-6 years

While visiting her grandma, Kira discovers a secret treasure chest. She sneaks in to take a closer look, finding more adventure than she ever thought!

Matilda & the Cave Troll
4-6 years

Matilda hides a huge cave troll in her room. They search for a new home for him but instead find great friendship.