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Storyworlds for 2-4 year olds

Choose from dozens of readymade storyworlds covering numerous categories like fantasy

Brenda and her Big Dog Duke
2-4 years

When Brenda's family moves to the country, her wish for a pet comes true. But her big dog, Duke, is a bit more than she can handle.

The Magic Cookie Jar
2-4 years

In his grandmother’s kitchen, little Timmy discovers a magic cookie jar that takes him into the land of cookies.

Terry the Trouble Bunny
2-4 years

Terry is a very inventive bunny, but can her imagination help her get out of trouble?

The Moonlight Farmers
2-4 years

Edna and Jim live and work on a farm and work only by moonlight. Would you like to know why?

The Dinosaur and Me
2-4 years

Every day is an adventure when your best friend is a dinosaur. Find out how Alfie and his prehistoric pal change each other's lives.

Favourite Fairy Tales
2-4 years

Hungry giants, evil witches and plucky heroes and heroines – that’s what our favourite, timeless fairy tales are made of!

Christmas Around The World
2-4 years

Ten charming Christmas stories from all over the world to prepare for the cosiest time of the year!