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The Holiday Girls

Chrissy Miss and her best friends live in Celebration City where, through everyday adventures, they always find a reason to celebrate.

Nikki & the Long Lost Treasure

Nikki and Boltran search for the long-lost treasures of the old kingdom and neither giants nor sea beasts can stop them.

Tate’s Time Traveling Top

Tate, a young boy on the autism spectrum, loves watching tops spin. One day, he realizes that watching them takes him into a different world.

Terry the Trouble Bunny

Terry is a very inventive bunny, but can her imagination help her get out of trouble?

Kris Snowman – Rockstar On Tour

Kris Snowman tours all over the world, discovering different countries. He has a huge ego, but learns the power of friendship!

The Moonlight Farmers

Edna and Jim live and work on a farm and work only by moonlight. Would you like to know why?

That Pesky Pixie

Violet Puddledust doesn’t mean to be mischievous, but when the pesky pixie doesn’t listen, trouble soon follows.

Brenda and her Big Dog Duke

When Brenda's family moves to the country, her wish for a pet comes true. But her big dog, Duke, is a bit more than she can handle.

Kid Joey: Fairytale Detective

Thanks to his love of books and quick-thinking abilities, Joey gets to rescue all kinds of fairytale characters at his new school.


“Stick to the path, still the troll’s wrath. Set off to roam, never come home.” Maddi knew the warning well. Maddi didn’t listen.

Cornelius Comet’s Astroadventures

Launch in 3, 2, 1 - LIFT-OFF! Join Cornelius Comet and Anna Borealis on an out-of-this-world journey of GALACTIC proportions!

Carter & the Cedar Forest Critters

With the help of a magical walking stick, Carter develops a friendship with the feathered and furry critters of Cedar Forest.

My Sister the Werewolf

Five-year-old Ferdinand gets to know and learns to love his baby sister Luna, despite the fact that she’s a werewolf.

Moxie the Robot Girl

Moxie the Robot never met a challenge she couldn’t overcome; that is until she finds herself the only robot in a new town.

Karlotta the Knight

Lottie is the bravest knight in the kingdom – but no one must ever know. Girls are princesses and wear pink dresses, right?

The Dinosaur and Me

Every day is an adventure when your best friend is a dinosaur. Find out how Alfie and his prehistoric pal change each other's lives.

Rowena the Witch Doctor

What can Rowena do when she’s the clumsiest graduate of witch school? Stumble into a magical new job, of course!

The Secret Treasure Chest

While visiting her grandma, Kira discovers a secret treasure chest. She sneaks in to take a closer look, finding more adventure than she ever thought!

Matilda & the Cave Troll

Matilda hides a huge cave troll in her room. They search for a new home for him but instead find great friendship.

Billy Growing Up

Billy Field is an active boy who, together with his best friends, learns to turn negative behaviors into positive outcomes.

Favourite Fairy Tales

Hungry giants, evil witches and plucky heroes and heroines – that’s what our favourite, timeless fairy tales are made of!

Christmas Around The World

Ten charming Christmas stories from all over the world to prepare for the cosiest time of the year!