When I bring my daughter to bed we have this ritual that is absolutely dear to me — we snuggle up in bed, turn off the light and I tell her a story about her secret friends Lampa & Alon — a tiny red rabbit and a baby dragon. My daughter always joins in with her own ideas & characters and plays an important part during the adventure — this makes every story very special.

I strongly believe that stories are of huge importance when growing up — they teach language and morals, build your confidence and encourage development of emotions & feelings. But most importantly — storytelling is an interactive activity that helps to build your imagination.

Storytelling is my job, so I try to create the most emotional and exciting adventures with relevance to her life. That being said — after a long day of work when the one and only thing you can think about is sleep, it’s really hard to come up with something original each and every day.

I thought about writing down some ideas to kick start my imagination when in desperate need — but what if I am not the only one with that problem? What about parents that don’t make their living with storytelling and still want to share this experience with their kids?

What if there was an app that provides quick creative ideas, a well curated collection of bedtime stories or even complete worlds where many different stories happen?

What if this app would provide bedtime stories of accomplished authors? And even a toolbox for creating your very own stories?

The very first storytellers your children will experience are their parents. This is Bedtime Stories — the storytelling app for parents.