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We are a small core team and we all share the passion for stories and good design.

Michael Sokolar
Michael Sokolar
Content & Story
Moritz Kobrna
Moritz Kobrna
Development, iOS
Martin Wessely
Martin Wessely
UX & Design, Web
Daniela Hanzl
Daniela Hanzl


Bedtime Stories grew into something far greater than a simple app - we became a community of international authors, illustrators and storytellers!

Samantha Silvey
Clara Ng
Nicola Tapson
Nikki Bergstresser
Jennifer Cole Judd
Sofia Jarlo
Amy Houts
Dido Winter
Michael Sokolar
Danielle & Mae
Sylva Fae
Lotta Hellström
Kusumastuti Fischer
Matthew Olson-Roy
Judy Goldman & Rubí Juárez
Dale Neal
Michelle Path
Camilla Linde
James Minter
Catarina Nordin
Jessica Carnevale Forcier
Julie Hodgson

Join us?

We are always looking for authors from all around the world to join us and create exciting new characters and adventures.


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