We want to provide the best possible help for parents to tell bedtime stories. If there is anything on your mind, if you have feedback or suggestions, feel free to let us know.

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Quality Time. No Screen Time.

Bedtime Stories is a storytelling app for parents, not a storybook for children. You don’t read the stories, you tell them in your own words, tweaked and fine-tuned for your loved ones – with well crafted storylines as a safety net. Plus – your children can be the heroes of their very own adventures.

A well curated collection of stories and story worlds, quick story ideas and a simple writer to craft your very own stories. It will kick start your creativity, provide you with emotionally engaging storylines and is your very own collection of bedtime stories your children really care about.

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Story Worlds

Choose from many different story worlds in every kind of genre. Each world contains bundles of 5 stories with familiar characters and the same setting. Experience ongoing adventures within your favourite story worlds.

Well Curated Stories

With a collection of well curated stories, you will always be ready for the next great story to tell. As your kids grow, your collection grows and provide you with storylines that match the age of your children.

Story Points

You can choose to read the full stories (just like a children's book), or a short summary with the most important story points to tell the story in your very own words. Surprise twists and crazy interactive ideas guaranteed.

Quick Inspirations

With the story generator you're never short of the next great idea for an bedtime adventure. Different storylines for every kind of genre and a selection of story icons you've got millions of possible stories at your hand.

Pure Storytelling

Telling stories in your own words is the oldest and purest form of storytelling. Create a bedtime ritual you and your kids can look forward to: snuggle up in bed, turn off the light and let the adventure begin.

Write Your Stories

Jot down your own ideas and bedtime stories - alone or together with your kids. Never forget that one exciting adventure and be prepared for an ever growing story world.

Coming Soon

Bedtime Stories is currently under development and will launch in mid 2017. We would love to connect with you and keep you posted on our progress. We might even share a bedtime story or two already…

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Story Worlds – Adventures with Beloved Characters.

Children fall in love with characters and a basic setting – recurring themes, locations, and story patterns. Story Worlds provide exactly that –  experience exciting adventures with beloved friends, night after night.

Engaging Stories to Remember.

Each story is available in two distinct editions: a short story as you’re accustomed to, and an outline view that contains the most important story points. The story points are easy to remember and provide a safety net when telling the story in your own words. Make up stuff in between, have fun and let your children influence the plot – the story points make sure you’re always providing a satisfying story.

You're an author or publisher?

We are always looking for great stories to expand the Bedtime Story collection. If you are an author, publisher or hold the license to any other IP, we would love to talk to you.

Publishing Bedtime Stories